We have been losing out under our incumbent's watch. We've lost billions of gallons of water to toxic contamination, and now our clean water is threatened to be piped and pumped to communities on the coast.

I’m glad you found my website! I'm the Archaeologist who will demand Sacramento throw our area MORE THAN JUST A BONE.


I want to invite you to join the MORE THAN A BONE campaign. I’m not your typical candidate. I don’t worry about politics or party labels but I am concerned about corporations vs. people. I work for the PEOPLE in the Mojave Desert and lower Central Valley and the southernmost Sierra Mountains.

I am running for office to restore our water quality and quantity, restore our courts, restore our schools, restore our highways and as a result restore our jobs. I want to expand educational opportunities, take care of our veterans and keep our communities safe. I’m proud of what I have accomplished, and I am ready to get more done. Take the time to get to know more about me and the issues we are facing in District 16.